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About Koh Tao

Koh Tao or another name called “Turtle Island” it’s because the island is actually shaped like a turtle when viewed from neighboring islands or from out at sea. Also, past history of Koh Tao states that the island gained its name because years ago the surrounding waters had been rich with sea turtles. This tiny island is far away from north of Koh Phangan about 45 kilometers and this island covers an area of about 21 square kilometers in the gulf of Thailand, This island also be one of the top scuba diving destinations in Thailand.

Koh Tao is less developed than Koh Samui and Koh Pha Ngan, but has become increasingly popular especially with the mid-20s backpacker crowd in search of relatively inexpensive scuba diving certification. Since the main attraction is diving - the beaches remain tranquil and uncrowned while facilities, food and accommodation have greatly improved. The island still provides many natural attractions on land. So it makes the most of its natural assets.

The island is geared towards diving tourists more than backpackers on a budget and offers both basic through luxury accommodation. There are hardly any currents and a wide selection of dive sites and dive shops, schools and resorts. The island is well known for scuba diving and snorkeling, as well as hiking, rock climbing, and bouldering. Koh Tao is Famous for its underwater scenery and the original Koh Tao attraction, Koh Tao provides great diving in all of south East Asia and is most popular, and is one of the top 10 places for diving site. Koh Tao has loads of beach dive sites, but 2 major dive sites are Shark Island and southwest pinnacle, both are exceptional sites with great variety of reef fish and alluring rocky formations, maximum depth 32 meters. Koh Tao, there are many beautiful beaches, bay, diving sites such as Sairee beach, Mae Haad beach, Tanote bay, mango bay etc. So, apart from diving, you might enjoy visiting and swimming at the beaches around the island, as well as sunbathing, kayaking, or trekking etc. The following are main beaches in Koh Tao;

Sai Ree beach at Sai Ree village is the most popular place for tourists on the west coast, at here is a white sandy beach of 1.7 kilometers and it’s a longest beach in Koh Tao. The beach has been interrupted only by a few huge stones and a scattering of medium budget resorts and restaurants.

Mae Haad Beach, this is the most crowded beach of Koh Tao, Mae Haad is highest developed area with lots of resorts, shops, bars, restaurants, banks, internet cafe' and diving shops. So, it is the most convenient place if you want to travel around too.

The fun is abundant and so are the relaxation possibilities.  Whether you are up for an adventure, or simply want to recharge, this Koh Tao Island is a paradise in the world that will keep you coming back for sure.

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Kohtao Resort, Kohtao Hotel Accommodation is a 4 star beach front dive resort hotel located on the beautiful Island of Kohtao.